This is with an SP4a server.

Golly this seg.nlm utility is neat. Thanks to this, I now have my second
server that is reporting certain encryption NLMs as taking up monster

XENGEXP and XMGR both go north of 100MB allocated. As it happens, in this
current case the server is also serving NetStorage. But the previous case
I'm fairly sure (not 100%) that particular server was NOT serving

XENGEXP.NLM 215,608,056 (205.6 MB) 205.9 MB
NSS.NLM 207,205,168 (197.6 MB) 197.6 MB
SERVER.NLM 171,695,738 (163.7 MB) 162.8 MB
XMGR.NLM 119,696,033 (114.2 MB) 114.3 MB
APRLIB.NLM 59,352,080 (56.6 MB) 56.6 MB
SLP.NLM 23,529,852 (22.4 MB) 22.4 MB

SLP.NLM has been increasing over time as the servers get more uptime, but
not enough data for that supposition yet.

Novell, it does a network good