When installing 6.5 in a HP ML110 G3 the installation terminates (well,
will not continue) when it comes to the detection of the network adapter.
In this system there is a Broadcom netXtreme B57721 controller, which is
listed in the driver list (...\Drivers). Selecting this driver I get the
"The following driver instance failed to load and will be deleted:
Z:\Drivers\B57.lan Frame=Ethernet_802.2 Name=B57_1_E82"
In the logg:
"Adapter not detected".

According to the bootsequence the adapter is there and the version is v8.1.53.

This is the first G3-version of the ML110 Im installing. On previous
models there have never been any problem with the network adapter (same
adapter but earlier versions).

Any ideas of how to get aroud this problem will be appreciated

Leif Arvidsson