Is migration a better way that an in-place upgrade? I have one main
server which runs everything except BorderManager and Webserver. These
two are on separate servers. I do not intend to upgrade these separate
servers until I am sure that I have mastered 6.5.

My 5.1 server is in fact a result of an inplace upgrade a few yeas ago
from 4.11 which was an in place upgrade from version 3.12!

I still run print queues (- they work!!) Will they be taken over to 6.5
whichever route I choose or will I have to use IP printing or whatever
the manual says in 6.5?

Finally is there a way of copying over the NDS from 5.1 to 6.5 without
using an upgrade?

Any views would be appreciated. From what I have read it seems that the
migration is the best option.