I have 7 servers to upgrade from Netware6.0sp5 to Netware6.5. My current
edirectory is at One server will need to be migrated to new
hardware, but the rest will get in place upgrades.
These servers are running the following services;
Legacy Queues
I have several questions that come to mind.
1. Is NW6.5sp5 conssidered OES? Is that what I need to install?
2. Is NW6.5sp5 considered stable?
3. Do see any issuse with NW65SP5 and the services that We are running?
4. Will the upgrade effect the current version of Edirectory (8737) we are
running on the network? What version of Edir ships with NW6.5sp5?
5. Are there any gottchas that I need to beware of doing this upgrade?
6. Can you do a migration from NW60 to NW65?

Any advice is greatly appreciated