Hello All,

I have a number of SBS 6.0 licenses and we just began to start bumping
into the limit. In a hurry I ordered some new 6.6 licenses on the
theory that I'd like to go to 6.6 sometime soon, but not quite yet
(just for budget reasons).

But before I went to install the 6.6 licenses, I hesitated and checked
with Novell sales.

What I was told is that the 6.6 license *in particular* does not
support "or previous version". Does this mean that these new licenses
will be useless to me on a 6.0 server? I'm not ready to upgrade to NW
6.5 right now, much less pay to upgrade my other licenses.

I'm not interested in using this to take advantage of things I don't
have all the licenses for (i.e. GW7 or Zen6.5.), I just want to add a
few more licenses and I thought it was silly to buy 6.0 licenses and
then upgrade them.

Do I really have to reverse this order and go back and buy 6.0? Can I
even still get 6.0?

Any thoughts are much appreciated. Thanks,