Transfering netware 5.1 from 9Gb scsi to 73Gb scsi drives

I can do this with Xp drives using Drive migrate, which transfers the data
and expands the volume to the new size, is there a way to do this with the
netware drives?

I currently have a Compaq prolient 350L generation 1
2x 9gb raid 1, compressed, using the built-in scsi controller on the
feature board.
1x tape backup using the second built-in scsi controller

I want to exchange these drives for 2x 73Gb internal scsi raid 1
This will include a new HP 2-ch u320 scsi HBA all controller card.
Also a new internal 100/200Gb HP tape storageworks Ultrium 232 backup

I have just noticed the the HP 2-ch u320 scsi HBA all controller card has
only 1 internal connection, but channal A and B external connections.
Problems already, I think!,lol

All help gratefully accepted :-)
Thank you