I am working on finishing a 5.1 to 6.5 migration. There are 38 6.5sp3 or
greater servers. There is one server at each site with the exception of the
main office where there are a total of 4 NetWare servers. I am migrating the
last server (the 39th) in the tree (NetWare 5.1 SP7) to NetWare 6.5 SP5. The
server is the only SLPDA in the tree/network. It is unscoped using SLPv1.
6.5sp5 will use SLPv2 which requires a scope. I plan to create a scope prior
to the migration. I will need to update the other (38) NetWare servers with
the new scope after it is created. Will I need to reboot all the NetWare
servers to make the SLP scope take effect? I have heard both ways.

Also, I plan to advertise the new scope via DHCP to the workstations. DHCP
is configured for year-long leases. (Don't ask why.) Can I advertise the new
scope before it is created, so the workstations already have the scope when
the scope is created? Will it still see the old unscoped servers in the
interm? Most local(all?) functions are provided by the local server. Do the
workstations need to be able to find the other servers?

Are there other things I need to be aware of as part of this migration from
SLPv1 to SLPv2 and from unscoped to scoped?

Any expertise/experience is appreciated,