we are having problems with on NW 65 SP5 server. It was suddenly cold
booting, and after that, the server did hang twice after loading the
hardware drivers and other stuff. Before the system was hung, it showed
the following msg on the console:

"status to a command which was never sent to any controller,
description: driver got impossible command index 4"

After that, the server could only be rebootet (Power Off).

It is somehow unclear, which driver/device is the reason for this,
although it happened after loading the Adaptec and ICP Raid drivers.
Contacting ICP did not help, as the err msg was not from the driver,
but the OS..?!

After that, the server is running again normal. Before the coldboot
happened, there was a backup to disk done with Veritas 9.2..

Any ideas how to trace that down?