I have on site a new OES 6.5 SP3 server with Groupwise, 2 5.1 servers
(one of which is Bordermanager 3.6) and a legacy 4.11 server. The 5.11
and 4.11 servers are fully patched. I followed TID 10060118 to move the
Organizational CA from the non-Bordermanager 5.1 server to the 6.5.

ConsoleOne 1.3.6d was used initially to create the Organizational CA on
the 6.5. There were no problems recreating the KMOs on the 6.5 with
PKIDIAG. However, with the 5.1 servers I would receive a 1240 error.
The SSL Certificates are created but error 1240 say that they cannot be
decoded. Using ConsoleOne 1.3.5 the error is 1263 on creation and in
diagnostic mode the error returns 1240 again. I'm at a loss on this one.