Problem: New OESNW65sp5 servers added to existing tree are consuming
licenses from a previously installed NW65 250-user hard stop server
license. As a result, the new OES servers are showing hard stop
licenses instead of consuming licenses from the new MLA licenses
installed in the tree.

Structure: Tree has mixture of 5.1sp8, 6.5sp3 existing servers and
two new OESNW65sp5 servers. OES servers are in a separate OU and an
NLS-LSP object for each server exists in the OU. The hard stop 6.5
license is installed above the server context, as are the new OES-MLA
licenses. When installing the new servers they both indicated they
had found an existing MLA license and no further license would be
required (MLA licenses were installed into the tree prior to building
the servers), but doing version at the console--as well as checking
the 6.5hard stop license consumption in NWADMN--reveals that the new
OES boxes are consuming licenses from the "hard stop" 6.5 license.

Q: If I delete the existing hard stop server license, and the
corresponding user licenses, will the existing 6.5 (non-OES) boxes be
able to consume licenses from the OES-MLA license? Will the new OES
boxes automatically consume from the MLA license or what to I need to
do in order to get them consuming the correct licensing?