I've been given a task to install NetWare 6.0 on a HP BL20P server. The
TREE that I am loading this server onto only NetWare 6.0 and NetWare 5.1
servers installed with eDirectory 8.6.2.

Firstly, SmartStart does not support NetWare 6.0 on a BL20P. I have tried
numerous way (thinking outside of the square) to get the Install to work
with and without the use of SmartStart.

1. Using iLO, (without SmartSmart) to boot the NetWare 6.0 CD fails to
load the CD drivers.

2. Manually created a DOS partition to boot from. Created another
partition (D:) and copied the entire NetWare 6.0 CD in the D: drive.
Install.exe fails to start.

Does anyone have any ideas?