We have a system tree with 8 Servers. There are 3 with NW5.0sp6a DS7.62c
and replicas(One of these holds the master and is the timesource). There
are 2 with NW5.1sp7 ds7.62c with r/w replicas. There is 1 NW5.1sp7
DS7.62c without a replica. And finally 2 NW5.1sp7 DS8.85c with no
replicas. The only Novell program we run is Groupwise6.5.1 I have gotten
the go ahead to buy licensing for all our users to go to NW6.5. What
process would you suggest. I am in the first stages of planning, so any
suggestions will be considered. Thanks for your help.

By the way, my initial thought is to bring the tree up to a happy medium
that can support all server versions(5.0, 5.1, 6.5). I then figure I will
upgrade the box that has the Master to 6.5 and then upgrade the other 2
that are at 5.0. Is there any reason I have to upgrade the 5.1 boxes?
Does it matter that when I am upgrading the 5.0 master, it will be a total
hardware upgrade? I'm just looking into as you can see. Anyway, thanks.