I am wanting to remove IPX from our WAN, as we are going to be installing
VOIP soon, and need to implement QoS on the routers. I have removed all
print queues and application dependencies on IPX as well as rconsole. At
this point, the only thing using IPX is directory services I believe. Our
tree is fully Netware 6.5sp3 with edirectory except for 2 servers
running Netware 5.1 SP7 with edirectory 8.6.2. One of these 5.1 servers is
the SLP DA for the tree. Other than unbinding IPX from the servers and
removing the IPX networks and routing from the routers, is there anything
else that has to be done? I seem to remember something about the SLP DA on
a pure netware 6.5 network having to run SLP 2.x, is this true? I dont want
to hassle with upgrading the server which the SLP DA is running on because
it also runs bordermanager 3.7, which I think is not supported on 6.5. Let
me know if there are any "gotcha's" before I start? I assume once your
unbind IPX from the server, DS will use IP for replication. The
workstations already have the latest client32 with IP only and are static
mapped to the SLP DA.