I have a test network with NW 5.1 servers only. Ran the Deployment manager
& extended the schema. Install a first NW 6.5 server and when it prompted
me for the license disk, I cannot make the install to find the license
disk. I have 150 user count of OES license and got the license ZIP files
from Novell. Extracted the nlf files to a floppy disk. Tried the browse
button, hardcoded the filename (in dos) and it kept saying could not find
the file.

My question is I believe my license file is for user license and if there
is a way I can tell what it contains? Also, is there a way I can download
the server license file as in NW 5.1 world, I got the 1 server + 5 user
count license disk.

For now, I checked on "Install without license" so any help to add the
server/user license would be appreciated.