Working through a migration and when trying to finish the last step (the
one after the server resets and you reset your workstation), when I try to
open the project in the migration wizard, it tells me I'm not
authenticated to the tree of the destination server.

The destination server has already rebooted and taken the identity of the
source server. Files are all available and users can log into it. It
looks like the trustee assignments are not there though.

It continues to ask for me to authenticate to the tree for the original
destination server (which technically does not exist now), and then fails
with a message of:

An error occurred attempting to authentication to the servers: abcd123
(which was source id) and abcdxxx (which was original destination id).
Check your connections...
--Error caused by Netware API error ---
Client error - An attemp to resolve the Switched Virtual Circuit (SVC)
(Error code: 0x8884 Function Name: NWCCOpenConnByName)

It's 1:00 in the morning, and I'm going crazy with this one...Please help!