Please Help.

When installing NW65 (actually SBS6.5) the Dells reboot while matching
drivers to the hardware.

I've tried this on two of the SC1425's and get the exact same problem.
Dell advises me that I am running the latest BIOS.

The Dells have an Intel Xeon processor 2.8GHz processor with 2MB L2 cache
and a single SATA drive.

I've tried disabling the ACPI support by deselecting the driver to see if
that helps, but to no avail.

I *think* I've also disabled hyper threading, which also has not helped.

On one occasion I did get to see the console screen before the nasty
reboot and it showed that it had successfully loaded the IDEATA driver
and then used it again re-enterently, then I see Processor 1 terminated
etc. etc.

Any help appreciated.