I have been updating my NW 65 servers to SP 5 (taking advantage of the
holiday). The process went well on the first two servers attempted. On the
third something went horribly wrong (a admin ID-10-T error most likely).
The server is a Dell 2850, dual 3.4 GHz with 4 GB RAM. The onboard NICs are
off and a dual port Intel Pro 1000 NIC was configured using IANS to team the
ports together. It was working fine with NW 65 SP3. I went through the
install steps as I had on the previous two servers and then on reboot when
it runs the "instauto.ncf" things started going bad. I would not reuse the
network settings and trying to reconfigure took me into a dead zone where
the server would not finish nor would it communicate with the rest of the
tree. I did have a few users in and they all began complaining that they
needed to work. After three hours I gave up and downed that server and a
server with an identical configuration. I took and attached the external
array from the messed up server to the good server and brought it back up
and reworked the login script to let the users access the volumes.

Now the questions, what do I do with the server that is no longer responding
as a NetWare server? Can I reinstall and give it the same name? Do I need
to take any of the old eDir information out before I do that?
Any ideas and help would be deeply appreciated!