I'm using a SATA RAID controller to do a fresh Netware 6.5(with SP2,
dated 2006/01/06) trial installation. It's a "default installation".
The entire process is fine. But after reboot, the message "Loading
bootstrap ..." is shown and system just hangs.

I do some experiments to sort things out somehow.

.. Boot from floppy. Use fdisk to make sure DOS partition is active. DO
a 'sys.com' and reboot. The problem remains.

.. Boot from floppy. Cd to c:\nwserver, fire server.exe, and Netware
runs well. In Netware, issue command 'nwboot' to change to Netware
boot loader. Restart system and now it boots into Netware and
everything seems fine. Issue command 'nwboot -undo' and restart,
the problem persists.

.. If I select manual install and "Boot OS" is set to Netware, after
installation is completed and system restarts the booting process is
just as smooth as in the previous case.

So the question is, why DOS boot loader doesn't work? Suspicion goes
to Netware itself, RAID card driver/BIOS, or even the mobo?

Any help is much appreciated!