I just bought a Dell poweredge 1800 computer and netware 6.5 10 users
licenses for someone. I downloaded netware 6.5 from the site. The dell
server installation program showed the system only verified Netware 6.5
sp3 or netware sp4. When I started installation, the system started
beeping. There were hex dump flashing very fast and I could not really
see the message. I think it just arrived memory checking and got the
error message. The dell computer is using ECC DDR2 2 X 1GB ranked DIMMS.
I had bought netware 5 and netware 6 before for somebody else and did not
experience this kind of problems. At least I could see errors. I followed
the link from the vendor and downloaded the 90 days software. It should
be the right one. I was thinking of bad memory chips. However, I tested
it with netware 6.0 and it could start the installation (I could see it
was loading all necessary files). Except the netware 6.5 has some new
restriction on memory, I should not experience any problems. Dell server
management software pre-recorded some information. I don't know if it
related to this problem or not. I need help or I have to switch to older
6.0 version. Please help. Thanks.