Hello all. I created two servers based on the Patterned Install
(Pre-Migration) and then did the migration to them from two Netware 5.0

I want to now access iManager, iMonitor, DHCP, Apache, iPrint, iFolder, etc.
I don't think that they're on the servers, though. If I go to the server
console, in Xwindows, go to Novell, then Install, if I then select
products.ni from the Netware 6.5 sp4 OS disc, choose ADD from the Installed
window, but don't choose any products, it wants to install the base Netware
files. (250 megs)

My question is, how can I install just one of the above services to the
netware 6.5 sp4 server without needing to re-install the base core netware