On my 6.5/SP4 server, I am seeing messages from time to time like what's
below. Everything is NSS.

<date> <time> COMN-3.23-592 [nmID=F000A]
Station <nnn> (task <nnn>) time out waiting for an op-lock on file
<filename> held by station <nnn>

I saw this message for two stations alternating back and forth on the
console screen, e.g.,

8:48:13 am - station 1
8:48:27 am - station 2
8:48:44 am - station 1
8:48:58 am - station 2
8:49:15 am - station 1

In the above instance, both the stations try to get the op-lock are not the
same as the station that is holding the file.

What does all this mean and what, if anything, should I do about it? My
guess is that it's just three people trying to access the same file at the
same time, in this case a JPG - might even be an Explorer preview of some

Thanks in advance.