I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to migrate a client's Small Business
Suite 6.6 Server to new hardware. I did an in place upgrade of the old
hardware. (That created a lot a problems that had to be resolved) The
old server is now running normally. Whenever I try to do the
verify/migrate, using the server consolidation tool I get a SMDR error.
I have added the IP address and server name to the host file on each
server but still get the following error.

Error '(You may be able to look in SYS\SYSTEM\MIGERROR.LOG file on the
destination and/or source server for more information about this error.)
SMSConnOpen Xfffeffbd - The specified SMDR entry was not found. Make
sure the appropriate TSA and SMDR modules are loaded on the source and
destination servers and that the two servers can communicate with each
other.' occurred attempting to open the connection to the SMDR from
server 'MFHC_SRVR' to server 'MFHC_HP'. Make sure the TSA and SMDR nlms
are loaded on the source and destination servers. If SLP is not
configured, you may need to edit the destination server's SYS:ETC/HOSTS
file, and insert an entry for the source (include IP address and server
name). See the Troubleshooting section in the user documentation for
possible solutions to this connection error.