Hi everyone -

I have three Dell servers (2 - 2650's and one 2600) that seem to not be
able to load apache after I updated them to SP5 on NW 6.5. So now all of
the web based services are not working. The servers otherwise are ok and
people can connect to them, etc. unsing the novell client so life is not
too bad (yet...). You type at the console ap2webup and it looks like
Apache is trying to load but nothing happens. I followed the TID 10097544
using the overlay SP5 products CD and that did not make a difference.
When I try to reinstall Apache the GUI hangs on "closing installation
files" when in the startx console so that may be an issue. the only way
out is to down the server. It restarts of course but Apache does not load.

Has anybody seen this or have any ideas as to what I'm missing? To add
more to the confusion I have another Dell 2600 server that I updated to
SP5 at the same time and apache works fine on that box....