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I have three Dell servers (2 - PE2650's and 1 PE2600) that I applied SP5
to on NW6.5 (all wre previously SP4) and now apache does not seem to be
loading. You do ap2webup at the console and the display flashes but you
do not see apache loaded on the current screens - on the console you see
loading module apache2.nlm and auto loading module aprlib.nlm and that's
it. So no web based services are running on these three machines. I
followed the steps in TID 10097544 (remove/reinstall iMahager 2.5) using
an SP5 overlay products CD which did not make any difference. The Startx
GUI when you reinstall the web products (iManager, Apache, etc.) hangs
on "closing installation files" so I do not know if that is an issue.

Has anybody seen this when they applied SP5 or anyone has any ideas?
People can connect to the servers with the Novell client so things are not
bad (yet...). To add to the mix I did the SP5 update to one other Dell PE
2600 box at the same time as the others (all used the same SP5 downloaded
pack file that was expanded) and on that one Apache loads fine.