Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but the Java forums seem to be all but
dead. javaworkshops hasn't had a post since 2004 near as I can tell.

Can some kind soul give me a quick tell on how to get IChat Messenger
runnning on OES 6.5 Netware?

I have the LDAP stuff set right, and the ncf file set up ok, but there
are java errors when I try to run it.

bt.ncf is:

java -ns -DconfigFileDir=SYS:\biztwist com.biztwist.LDAPServer
java -ns -DconfigFileDir=SYS:\biztwist com.biztwist.ChatServer

Files are in the \biztwist folder at the root of SYS: on the server
I am trying to run it on.

I'd really like to know if I'm doing the
"add biztwist.jar to the CLASSPATH environment variable"
properly for a start as I suspect this is the cause.

I tried java -cp biztwist.jar
but still got the same error.

Error message is:
Exception in thread "Main"

As with most things Java, the docs are ultrabasic and
the Java 'help' isn't really.

Sounds like the LDAP side is loading ok.

What am I doing wrong?

Geoff Roberts
IT Support
Saint Mark's College
Port Pirie, South Australia
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