In setting up NW65(Overlay SP5) i'm unable to setup the shared storage on
my Proliant CL380 with redundant CR3500 controllers

Situation :

- Both nodes see the CR3500 controllers and the disks correctly
- the last node powered up has problems with the CR3500 :

CPQSHD-2.5-0 CPQSHD: Driver will attempt to reactivate the previous failed
Compaq 53C896 Slot 2 Port 1 ID 2:1 CR3500 DISK disk device

- when only 1 node is up i can easyly access the shared storage and create

- as soon as the 2nd node is active conflicts appear :

COMN-3.24-1092 [nmID=A0025]NSS-3.00-5001: Pool NW65-CL-N1/DATA is being
An I/O error (36(zlssMSAP.c[1796])) at block 0(file block 0)(ZID 0) has
compromised pool integrity.

Has anyone encountered the same, and know how to solve them ...?


Michael Honkoop