I've tried to setup DNS on a Novell SBS 6.5 SP5. I configure using
imanager 2.5 following the documentation.
I have multiple DNSes listed from DHCP. It appears I never get the info
from the 6.5 DNS (private addresses). Instead I get internet based DNS
results. (I know this because pings give my PUB ips not PRV ips.)

I ran nslookup. Make requests to resolve records that I know are defined
on it, and it gives me the correct information. What can I do to resolve
this issue?

I have setup DNS on 6.5 a few times (different locations) it seems that 2
or 3 times so far I have run into this problem... I end up installing DNS
on Linux or Windows. But I would like to know how to properly test and
make it work on 6.5 (I have been lucky about 9 times and unlucky 3...)