I have 3 NW 5.0 servers (ds 7.51, sp6a) and 1 NW 5.1 server (ds 8.83,
sp5) each in a different location separated by a WAN that I want to
upgrade to NW 6.5. The master is one of the 5.0 servers. I was
originally going to migrate each server one at a time to 6.5 on new
hardware starting with the master but I seem to remember reading that you
cannot to a 5.0 to 6.5 migration. As a result I was considering
upgrading the tree to 8.5.1, putting a new 6.5 server into the tree with
the master and performing a consolidation from the master to the new
server. I would then do this in each location. I would prefer the
migration but is it possible to migrate from 5.0 to 6.5? If so, what
criteria do I need to meet on the current servers? Is there a good
procedure to follow to accomplish this?