I have seen some references to problems with hyperthreading - and to
dual processors. I have just installed NW6.5sp5/Zen7 on a Dell PowerEdge
1800 which has a Xeon processor. It claims dual, but in reality it is a
virtual processor, right? I see in BIOS it can be disabled. This machine
is Novell certified, whatever that means. I did turn it off for a while,
as I thought it may have been causing another problem, but, after the
problem was resolved I turned it back on - assuming Dell means for it to
be on and Novell approves of it?

This is a single server network, with about 60 workstations and 250
users in a single tree (a small school).

Should I turn on/off (enable/disable) the virtual processor in BIOS?

Thanks for any advice,