I apologize if this is a duplicate...I posted via Google and didn't
realize the last date in that forum was 2004 or so.

Has anyone seen this behaviour...with ARCserve loaded on our server, our
NetWare 6.5 SP4a++ server with ARCserve 11 (the "++" designating two post-
SP4a server.exe's since 4a was released), SLP.NLM consumes anywhere from
40-100MB RAM.

I am not able to confirm that this was an issue in the 5x world, as most
of our environment is 6x SLP2 now.

- If I issue an slp reset, it comes down to 2MB and then ramps back up.

- If I unload ARCserve, it comes down to 2MB and remains.

- If I compare this to similar hardware, software but without ARCserve
(different backup solution), it's 2MB or less.

- In our lab, it remains <4MB.

I've been reviewing www.ca.com and support.novell.com, but haven't seen
anything similarly posted.

It just seems add that SLP.NLM would need more RAM than modules such as
server.exe, ds.nlm or nss.