I want to test SP5 and found something curious.
Some version numbers differ, if its a installation of NW 6.5 with SP5
or its update from NW 6.5 Sp X to SP 5.
For example after the installation of a new server with the sp5
overlay cd, the product info shows PKIS is version 2.7.8.
On a NW 6.5 SP2 server it shows PKIS 2.7.5. After updating this server
to SP5 it shows PKIS 2.7.6.
I expected the same version after a new installation with the overlay
CD or an update to SP5.
These are the differring versions:

PKIS 2.7.6 (overlay CD SP5)
PKIS 2.7.8 (SP5)

SMS 1.1.3 (overlay CD SP5)
SMS 1.1.4 (SP5)

NICI 2.6.7 (overlay CD SP5)
NICI 2.6.8 (SP5)

Maybe there are some other products with those curious versions, but I
didnt install all products.
Is there any explanation?

Thanks in advance.