I am trying to install an Intel PRO/1000 MT dual server adapter either as
a new install with 6.5 sp5 or in existing machine with 6.5 sp4. When
installing netware detects this as a E1000 card with it at slot 401 and
slot 402, however it just sits there with a waiting message. If i remove
the driver from the install and continue the install works fine. If i then
use hdetect to install the card post netware install it just sits there
saying waiting or if I use inetcfg to configure the card it just sits
there. I have waited 30 minutes just in case I was being a little hasty,
but still no joy. The card is meant to be Novell compatible with the
Novell logo. Have also changed the irq settings from 10 and 11 to 4 and 5
but no joy or disabling the onboard nic, but no joy either.

Any advice would be greatly received.