Have had NW6.5sp3A in on all (10) servers stable for 6 months or so.
One server about three weeks ago threw a Fatal exeption # 14 - NSS checker
code of LIBNSS.NLM at offset +2EE5h and rebooted. Since then it has
repeated this at 5 day + 20 Min intervals.
The initial event was mid afternoon, but have since reset the server at
3:00am (Yeh, I couldn't sleep that night) but it is adhering to its 120.3hr
countdown timer !
No indications in SEG statsof a memory leak that I can see;
not load related;

I put sp5 on to a test server - with some difficulty - bitten by not
unloading java beforehand and forced into a server down upgrade to surmount
it. Hence, coupled with the memory tuning problems in sp5 mean I'm
reluctant to deploy sp5 widely just yet.

Anybody have any ideas about the magic 120.3 hrs (433080 or thereabouts
seconds) time period ??

TIA, Mac