Just setup NTP on all servers in the WAN. DSREPAIR reports all servers
time as NTP and all in sync. Okay - so I don't seem to have problem...
true. I have a heirarchical NTP design setup. I have two server setup as
peers who get their time from an external servr on the Internet. The rest
of the servers get their time from either of the two server mentioned
above and in their absense the server should go to stratum 3 which is the
local server.

In testing, however, when I unload xntpd on both peer servers, timesync is
lost. The other netware servers do not seem to take time from themseleves.
Is this working as designed or do I ned to make an additional change to
the ntp.conf file.

a snippet below is provided for discussion:

# Local Clock used as Time Provider - Self Synchronized Mode
# server
# fudge stratum 3
# Client-Server Mode
# <IP Address> : Time provider IP address
# Time Provider
# server <IP Address>

Thanks in advance.