We installed a new server into an existing tree. Server is the 2nd server in
the tree now. It contains the master replica.
Disk is split into a SYS and a DATA part. Each with his own pool.
1. Volumes are working fine, both SYS: and DATA:
2. In NSSMU both volumes and both pools show up
3. In NRM, both partition show up, but only volume SYS is there. DATA:
appears to be not present.
4. In C1, SYS: was missing as was _ADMIN. I was able to create them
manually. DATA: was already there.
5. In C1, there is only 1 pool-object (for SYS:), but it is an unknown
object. There is no object for the DATA-pool

How can I correct this?


Adrie de Regt