I have removed IPS from one production server (BHS-SRV) in a tree (Bellefontaine) that has 6 other servers that still are running IP and IPX. BHS-SRV is the master for the tree.
Using inetcfg, I have disabled and removed IPX from the protocols section and deleted the interface from bindings section. I remarked out the ServerID from autoexec.ncf and restarted the server.

I also have a test server (Test-srv) that resides in a test tree (BCS-Test). The test server was installed with IP only and is the only server in the test tree.

Every client (4.83 and 4.91sp2) that I have will discover the BCS-Test tree and connect to the Test-srv every time. Just like one would expect.

However, clients attempting to connect to the Bellefontaine tree and the Bhs-srv server are hit and miss. The same client will connect sometime and not at others. I have created host and nwhost files for my XP and 98 computers. This seems to have resolved the problem as long as the client has both IP and IPX installed. If the client is installed as IP only, the BCS-Test tree is the only one discovered. (In Advanced, search Trees) Attempting to type Bellefontaine as the tree results in "tree not found." If I add the host file and type Bellefontaine as the tree, all is well. Searching for contexts and servers works a normal. Logins work fine. Even with the host file, searching for the tree still only finds the BCS-Test tree.

Is there something else I need to do on my production server (BHS-SVR) to remove IPX and get IP working like it does on the test server (Test-srv)? Is there something additional I need to do with the Tree? I would remove IPX from all 6 other servers but don't want to multiply my problems.

Ken Sims
Technology Coordinator
Bellefontaine City School District