IN case any of you are having problems with SATA Raid controllers, it
might interest you to know that the solution in my case was the firmware
on the Dell Raid Controller.(Cerc 6 made by adaptec) Though bought in Dec
2005 it was incapable of reading correctly drives in excess of 250Gb (I
was using 300) and also appears to have a problem with Seagate Sata
Disks - also being used by me! The new firmware states it solves these
problems and so far it seems to be doing so. The Dell support line was
dismissive saying that Novell 6.5 was an obsolete programme for this

Given that I have spent two months or more of my spare time trying to set
up a new server with Raid 10 with 4 x 300gb disks may be this will help
others avoid wasting so much time, high blood pressure and marital