I'm going to be upgrading my 5.1 netware network in the next few months.
I'm trying to read up as much as I can before hand. So I have a plan,
and some questions. Any comments or suggestions are more than

The setup:

6 5.1 sp7 servers. Two partitions under root. The root partition
master can't be upgraded to 6.5. It's an older server which I have to
do the migration upgrade to. But I wanted to get at least one OES
Netware box in the tree before I do that. So, I plan on making another
server, a "backup" box the root master along with the master of one of
the other partitions(taking the place of the obsolete machine in just
as in the root partition).

I plan on running the deployment manager just as the upgrade guide
specifies. I know I have NDS 8.85c on each server. Are the version
numbers for eDirectory different than NDS's? Also, they specifiy SP8
but say SP7 will work.

I plan on updating the schema on the root master. Does that then
propagate to all the other servers? The five remaining servers are
read/write replicas of the root.

From there out, I plan to run the migration utility to upgrade my
oldest server and then flat out upgrade the rest as time goes.

How does this sound and what am I missing? This will be my first major
upgrade of netware servers in a prodution environment.