I need to re-install NW 6.5 on the same server(upgraded from NW5.1) in a
10 server tree.My reason for this is that I need to convert all the
volumes( SYS included)which are traditional to NSS.The customer doesnt
have the budget to buy Portlock software.

The backup software I am using is Bexec 9.2.

Is the following plan viable:

1. Backup the server.
2. trustbar all the volumes.
3. Backup the DS using NWCONFIG (backup b4 HW upgrade)copy *.BAK to pc
4. Trash the server and install NW 6.5 (bexec also) into its own tree.
5. Restore all volumes using the backup software.
6. Ensure servername and ID are identical to the old config.copy DS
backup file to SYS:SYSTEM.
7. Reboot server
8. Remove DS off the server.
9. Run nwconfig/directory option/directory backup and restore
options/restore NDS after hardware upgrade.
10. Restore trustees with trustbar.

Are all the steps in the correct order.Did i miss anything ??? :(
Or is there an easier way :)