I have been doing quite a bit of server hardware replacements lately and
have been using the VCU process, as it seems to be the easiest method.

All these servers have been Netware 6.5 running SP3 or SP4a.

All have been upgraded from netware 5.1 at some point (over a year ago) and
still have traditional file system volumes througout them.

I have noticed that after doing the VCU process, the file salvage is empty
or in some cases considerabally less than what should be there.

In all cases, the deleted.sav directory contains less files than it did on
the old volume.

Does the VCU not copy ALL files? Or does it automatically purge files in
deleted.sav older than a certain date? I really need to know this, as I am
gonna have to bring the old server up, remove DS and put it in my dev tree
just to salvage some files.

Any ideas here? Is there a specific switch maybe I can use to make sure all
the salvagable files move to the new NSS volume?

Also, moving forward, these servers I have migrated to new hardware via the
VCU process and now have NSS volumes, can I at a later date run VCU to
migrate them to new hardware? Can VCU do traditional to NSS as well as NSS
to NSS? I want to use this the next go-round if possible, and dont know if
the VCU is a one time shot (hoping not).