Hello, I am running into a problem trying to get our new Lightspeed Systems
Total Traffic Control to authenticate via LDAP. which is used to
authenticate and then allow access through our content filter (providing a
correct username and password).

Our tree is laid out as follows:

We have one tree: SCHOOL

Under that is our Orgazinational Units:
OHS (names of our school buildings)
and so on

And under each OU we have more containers, such as FACULTY, STUDENTS, etc.

The setting within the Lightspeed box allows us to enter a few LDAP
settings, followed by what I currently have in them:
LDAP server IP:
LDAP Base DN: o=admin
LDAP UID attribute: cn
LDAP Group Attribute: groupMembership
LDAP account
LDAP password

Now, these settings work, but there's a catch. It will only allow those
that are in the 'admin' OU to login successfully...which makes sense
(o=admin). What I am needing, is the method to allow my entire tree to be
the Base DN instead (where o=admin). I have tried o=school, but I always
get a generic authentication message, which means it is not even talking to
the LDAP server. If anyone could enlighten me with any more info that would
be great. Maybe I need account and password, although they say that I only
need that if my LDAP server does not support anonymous binding (which I
believe it does, because I can login through an LDAP explorer just fine,
and see my entire Novell tree, from top down).

Thanks again!