I am installing a new NW65.5 server. Its an HP/Compaq DL360 G4. During the initial copying of files I get a lot of errors saying that it cannot copy \\drivers\lan\b57.lan. I tell it to continue to try and copy and it finishes copying eventually. I have to tell it to keep copying about 6-7 times. Then when the install process gets to the point where it is assigning the drivers to the hardware it comes up blank for the NIC driver and when I go to try and select a driver there are only about 10 drivers to choose from which I know is not correct. What happened to all of the NIC drivers? It will not let me go any further without a driver for the NIC.

I created the CD from the downloadable ISO images for NW65.5.

Any suggestions?


Scott Johnson, CNE
Senior Network Analyst