hi. not sure where to post this. hope this is the right place.

we're using novell security manager for our firewall/nat and are having
issues setting up netstorage. netstorage is installed, but it's so slow in
accessing from our network externally, that it's unusable. internally, it
works great. we have other web servers (groupwise included) that work
through the reverse (DNAT) config on our astaro, and the netstorage is set
up identical to them. apache2 is configured to work with DNS and DNS is
set correctly (otherwise nothing else that works through the firewall would
work). is there anything obvious i'm missing? i've not been able to
unearth anything in the kb or google (aside from the tid about how to setup
portal services to work through a reverse nat, but i double checked our
config with it and all is well).

-tom adams
logansport school corp.