Just upgraded server from sp3 to sp5. Decided NOT to upgrade drivers for
the hardware. they are functioning just fine and didnt want to mess
with them. Only problem is, when the server rebooted after the upgrade,
it goes for about 3 minutes of a typical 5 minute boot, and then
crashes to a debugger prompt. quitting the debugger shuts down the
computer. I am not there at the moment, so i cannot give you the errors
specifically. My questions are as follows:

1. Is this heard of? if so, why is it caused and how can it be fixed?

2. Will the server rewrite autoexec.ncf on the upgrade? if so, is it
possible that the commands i have added are screwing it up? my added
commands are:


load ippsrvr.nlm
load broker.nlm -whatevercommandsare
load manager(whatevername is and commands)


basically to set up my printer(s). also in the zenboot ncf file, i
imgserv.nlm -debug

because i was having imaging troubles previously.

help anyone?