I am not sure if you are still checking this forum.

1.- What do you mean by: "i renamed the CD's NW65OS so the volumes
matched"?; and
2.- how did you go about doing that?

I would like to try it myself because I am running into similar problems
with my OES-Netware 6.5 SP4 installation:

Any solution, or advice is greatly welcomed.


Steve O.

> lol ... nevermind.. i figured it out i renamed the CD's NW65OS so the
> volumes matched... novell is sensitive :) I cant wait to finish the
> install and get it up. :)
> > well, I spoke to soon... installer makes my SYS volumes and what not,

> but
> > it says mounting CD rom drive, and then it pops up NW65OS can not be
> > mounted. Then it looks like the server is running I do a volumes and

> see
> > SYS their. Are their any drivers to install or will my motherboard just
> > work with the LAN card in it, ect. Also, the install never asked me to
> > specify a server name or TREE name or anything of the sort, is it

> because
> > the installer quit too soon because of the cdrom thing. Hope someone

> can
> > shed some light... :) Matt