Iím having some trouble installing a new Novell 6.5 server. Iíve been
using Novell 5.0 for quite a while now, and am comfortable with how it
works. I originally wanted to do a simple upgrade to 5.1 to take advantage
of the larger drive support. However, 5.1 is no longer available for
purchase, so Iím moving right to the 6.5 platform. I want to set up a
simple server, that is not accessible on the Internet, but is secure for
our confidential files.

I doing a clean install to hardware. My hardware exceeds the minimum
requirements. The first issue I had was at the screen that asks for the IP
address information. My mouse and keyboard were severely hampered in
performance - erratic mouse movement and slow keyboard. The keyboard
commands are delayed by up to a second each. Despite this, I was able to
put in the IP address information and finish the install.

However, I canít seem to logon to the server. I used the same context,
tree and server information as my previous server. I used one of the
workstations that had and a working client installed. The workstations was
able to use see the server. I tried installing the client software on a
computer that did not previously have the client software installed. This
computer is also unable to see the server. I can use the console commands
at the server though.

The IP information that I installed for the server is:

I did not install DNS, since this is only an internal server.

This is the same info as on the workstation.

And ideas?