I have a server 6.5SP4 that I have reciently installed in the tree.
There is no data on the server yet. It is in it's own OU and I only have
two users in this context. I have to move the server to a physically
different location and change only the IP address. The time to ship it
will be about 10 days and it would be out of the tree for that period of
I have read in the past that you shouldn't have a server out of the
tree that long. For NW4 and NW5 you could remove DS from the server and
remove it and it's volumes from the tree then re-install at the new
location, add users and all was well. There are TID regarding this for
NW4 and NW5 but I don't see anything for NW6.5. Does anyone know if the
procedure is the same and just use NRM to upgrade the IP addresses of the
config files?
Or would it be O.K. to have it out of the tree for that lenght of time
without too many issues (remember the IP address will change, IPX is not