Well, I think I have decided to add a new Organization underneath my tree.

This is what I have:

This is what I need to go to:
>>>Within SCHOOL2 would be O=admin, O=ohs, O=oms...etc

Ok, with that said and all...we currently have everyone logging with a long
string (.johndoe.faculty.ohs or .johndoe.2009.student.ohs). Well, if I add
this new O=SCHOOL2, they would have to login as
(.johndoe.faculty.ohs.SCHOOL2 or .johndoe.2009.student.ohs.SCHOOL2).

Well, the ideal thing would be for them to NOT have to learn anything new
(adding the .school2 to the end). Is there something, somewhere, that I can
set .SCHOOL2 to be at the end of everyones login name, and them not even
know about it. That would be great, so we can make the change now, and not
have to teach everyone to add the new .school2 to the end. Any help would
be great, as I am not familiar w/ this process (possibly contextless logins).