I currently have Netware 5.1 server at my factory using IPX. To cut along
story short my boss has insisted on using IPX only instead of IP for
security reasons. OES seems jam packed with IP based server programs (like
Webservers,DNS,DHCP, POP3) - an ISP system - you probably cannot get
anything more hackable. I know you can get IPX firewalls too - think I
it's border manager. We basically just wanna use it as a file server and
ditch all the other junk.

Can netware 6.5 still support IPX only protocols ?

Can it support SMP Xeon systems? Maybe even a 64 bit version ? :-)

Does anyone know of a program that can encapsulate IPX in IP for
connecting multiple servers in the same tree for connection between UK and
USA. Our firewalls have VPNs so IP-IP should be OK

all help appreciatted.