Hello all. I've recently done an over-the-wire migration of my Dell 2600
Groupwise 5 server to Netware 6.5 sp 4. After the migration process, I have
users sporadically not be able to access the volumes from their
workstations. In Console1, I've confirmed by checking Effective Rights that
these users have full (including Supervisor) rights to the volumes in
question (SYS, VOL1, SWAP, SYSADMIN) however, they are still unable to

I feel it may be licensing. I've upgraded to SP5 on this server, does not
help the problem. Sometimes, a useraccount can login fine from one PC, but
then not from another.

I have a server license in my tree in the server's context (ny.e.trp) but
the user's licenses are in the root context. I have 3 other servers for
which this is not a problem.

CAn someone please help me troubleshoot and fix this?